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WHEN THE TIMING IS JUST RIGHT You can help make the world a better place

Posted on their new website, , Tikkun Magazine’s Cat Zavis, Executive Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, writes about “ the importance of seeing the humanity of those whose political views differ from ours, and challenging views we disagree with, in a respectful and yet powerful way…. .” Cat’s statement is resonating with audiences from young to old, from varying backgrounds, different countries, multiple religions and even opposing points-of-view.

Why? -- It’s the right time for Tikkun’s well-researched messages and methodologies to take hold. Again, Why? Because so many people around the world are shocked and confused about what’s really happening; how did we get into this mess; what can I – alone- do about it?

Tikkun, the controversial, left-leaning, progressive publication, dedicated to analyzing and decoding today’s worldwide social and political issues - based on thorough academic research from multiple sources – decided to go all digital. At that point the team contacted NPIQ for their A2SK program to help understand exactly what readers wanted to know. Not surprisingly, interviews revealed that while respondents wanted to understand the truth (with proof) about issues and their causes, they also wanted to understand if, and how, each might find their own way to influence change. They wanted the full package. Surprisingly, answers were similar coming from the many groups – millennials to seniors, academicians to artists, all religions, those who have and those who don’t.

Together as a team, Tikkun and NPIQ found a way via messaging to focus on three key interest groups:

With guidance from the audience analysis, from which the messaging was derived, Tikkun led by founder and well-known activist, Rabbi Michael Lerner, more closely merged their different arms/ sectors – the award-winning Tikkun magazine; the NSP activist network ( the Network of Spiritual Progressives); the new audience-input-based website; the new Tikkun Institute, dedicated to bring together intellectuals to research causes and potential solutions for issues that affect us all; and Tikkun’s religious sector.

By keeping focus on their interest group audiences, Tikkun was able to engage and capture those, who while coming from different viewpoints, still had the same goals. And, by merging their activist, spiritual and secular sectors, the why’s, how’s and resolutions for issues in so many countries are already more deeply understood.

The connected but multiply-targeted content offers a place for each type of audience to link to directly - whether you just want debate, want a deeper understanding of the issues, and/ or want to find a way to get involved. At the same time, it’s all about people and communities joining together to influence the outcomes of today’s issues.

Tikkun’s Ecosystem

And, the Tikkun organization’s merge of their various sectors mirrors that same need to work together. With the closer blending of these sectors, they’ve created a new ecosystem for dealing with today’s issues. Focusing on Tikkun Magazine as the central voice, all sectors interact to serve the audiences. And input from readers, NSP activists and writers from multiple backgrounds are a base for offering different stories with different points of view.

So, for all who want to make the world a better place – you now have a home to help you find the why and the way.

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