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Messaging & Attracting Business Partners

Messaging & Attracting Business Partners
Positioning Your Nonprofit for Win-Win Business Partnerships


Join us for this must know, high-energy, hands-on workshop that includes:  

I. Piloting The Changing Philanthropy Landscape

II. Understanding Nonprofit-Business Collaborations

  • Examples of successful, effective partnerships
  • Aligning your values: How to identify a company’s philanthropic goals and understand whether its goals match your own             

III. Where to start: Creating Impactful Messaging for the Right Audiences

  • Building your message: How to best position your work, your vision, and your strategy to attract partnerships
  • Sharpening communications: How to talk about your impact in a way that forges deep a connection with your business partners


Interesting in learning more about how to position your nonprofit to attract business partnerships?   Call Ellen Rudy at 408-352-5485