Nonprofit Intelligence Quotient

We deeply connect nonprofits with their audiences
to amplify their impact.
Bridge the gap! Know what your audiences really think.

How that’s a win for you!

Result -Sustainable Sciences Institute: “We've raised funds from new target audiences, as well as tripling our grants.-- CEO, SSI


Result – Coda Alliance: “Sales of Coda’s  ‘choose your own way’  GoWish cards increased by 11% in one year.”—Coda Board President

Result - Bill Wilson Center:  Press  Summit’s Media Reach  totaled 17,963,547. Kicked off a new government program to end youth homelessness by 2020

How do we do it?


Introducing NPIQ’s
Key Program A

A2SK is NPIQ’s signature approach to Interviews and Analysis, using Strategic Design Thinking.

Ask insightful questions
Analyze and interpret
Synthesize for insights
Knowledge for success

Why Is A2SK More Effective Than Other Audience Analysis?
It’s in our diverse expertise.

Results in Ability To:

Read between the lines to analyze what a person is really saying


Create environments and questions that stimulate discussion, via phone or in-person, that provides a deeper understanding of issues

Probe deeply for unexpected and fundamental issues that others don’t capture (because it’s based on human input.)

Synthesize multiple audiences responses and turn them into captivating messaging

Marry messaging and powerful imagery to instantly reflect your story across all aspects of your brand

Our Experience

Registered Nurse with deep Behavioral Psychology

Journalism Background


Certifications in Human-centered Design / Design Thinking

Marketing/ Communications


Brand Strategy / Visual Branding

With deep, real input from your audiences,

              creates greater impact in everything you do.


And NPIQ can help you with all of that!

Consulting Services
Leveraging our expertise to benefit the social sector
  • A2SK: Direct audience interviews & analysis 
  • Audience-based Messaging
  • Impactful Branding: Marrying messages and imagery to tell your story
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media & Public Relations Strategy  & Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Image Strategy
 Workshops & Coaching
  • Messaging / Strategic Partnerships
  • Storytelling: The Marriage of
    Messaging and Imagery
  • Communicating with Donors and Partners
  • Fundraising Communications




Our extensive work with nonprofits, as well as consumer and business clients, makes us experts in meeting your needs.
A selection of our nonprofit clients below: Please see our
portfolio section for some of the work we have done with them.


A team of leaders merging corporate & nonprofit knowledge to help nonprofits succeed and sustain. All certified in the IDEO practice of Human-Centered Design to better serve our clients. Learn more ...



Marcy Holle
Strategic Audience Analysis Content Strategy/ Development, Messaging & Fundraising Communications

25+ years 


Award-winning marketing, communications and content campaigns for F100s & NGOs.


Investigative journalism experience ensures differentiated analysis of audience behavior for winning strategies.

Ellen Rudy

Brand Development: Strategy, Design & Execution



25+ years


Highly effective, award-winning visual branding programs, for-profit and nonprofit sectors

Chris McManus

Strategic Partner
Social Media, Copywriting,
Public Relations

Some of our




"Those who tell the stories rule society"


When times get tough…
nonprofit fundraisers get off their butts, get out of the office, and visit donors!



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Ellen Rudy



Marcy Holle



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